Gallipoli Association plot at 95th Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey

Her Majesty The Queen opened the 95th Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on Thursday, 9 November 2023, marking the start of Remembrance commemorations.

The annual event began in 1928 when the Poppy Factory placed a tray of poppies and a collection tin in the grounds of St Margaret’s Church. Though initially comprising only a few poppies surrounding a solitary cross, this small gesture laid the foundation for a tradition that has flourished over the years. Today, the grounds of St Margaret’s, nestled within Westminster Abbey, transform into a sea of scarlet poppies every November, honouring the memory of those who have served.

The Gallipoli Association maintains a plot in the Field of Remembrance each year. On behalf of members, it will place a Remembrance Cross, Star of David, Crescent Moon or Sikh Khanda.

These photos were taken by Hester Huttenbach and Clive Summerson.

Field of Remembrance 2023
The Gallipoli Association’s plot.
HM the Queen.
Nigel Divers, Dr. Robert Wingfield and Professor John Sheldrake.
Clive Summerson who writes and plants the crosses for the Association.