Community Projects

This section show cases some of our comunity projects. Would you like to be involved in future projects? If so please contact Ian Binnie, our Education Coordinator, at [email protected].

  • Highlights 2018–2022

    2018 Remembering a Lancashire Fusilier The talk in the Turka Restaurant. Notice the familiar face in the bottom right hand corner. GA members and representatives of other organisations were invited to this event, held in a Turkish restaurant in Eccles, Manchester by a member, Graham Williams. He planned to produce a small booklet, on a local ma...

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  • U3A Gallipoli Project – December 2022

    Here is the sixth newsletter of the national U3A Gallipoli project. I cannot believe that the project has being going on for almost two years. Remember it began in the depths of lockdown. I have found it fascinating. Over 80 U3A members responded, many sending me some real jewels. Details of over 50 have been included in these newsletters. These...

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  • U3A - Gallipoli Project June 2022

    This is the fifth newsletter of the U3A Gallipoli project. I have summarised some of the material that was sent to me over a year ago. Nigel Poole writes: Robert Poole, my 18 year old uncle (my father’s brother) fought in the campaign. I believe he was in the Naval Reserve. He was seriously injured and evacuated to Malta where he died of his inj...

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  • Education Co-ordinator’s Report, May 2022

    The long weekend. The life of the EC can be very hectic. The four days around Gallipoli/ANZAC Day this year were particularly busy. We must not forget, however, that many others in the U.K. and around the world worked hard to ensure that the first Gallipoli/ANZAC days since the lockdown were such a success. Saturday 23rd April: Gallipoli themed...

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