03 September 1915

ANZAC - Trooper Ion Llewellyn Idriess, 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Light Horse Brigade, AIF - Photograph of Idriess as an influential author in 1950. Trooper Idress recorded his memories of 3 September as life settled back to 'normal' at Anzac.

"Was in the firing line again last night; working trenches to-day. There is much sickness. We have just received news that the Southland has been torpedoed. Brigadier Major Linton was drowned and a few men. They were of the 6th Brigade. The Southland eventually made port under her own steam. Strike me pink if old Gus Gaunt hasn’t been wounded in the arm. It does not look to be a very bad wound. One of our big sea planes is buzzing overhead and the Turks machine gun at Gaba Tepe is speaking a lightning tut-tut-tut-tut-tut-tut. Was in the supports last night. There was very heavy firing towards Achi Baba. In the distance the warships sounded a continual throbbing roar. It was just like a great wave dashing against a rock cliff, rolling back, and hurling forward again. I with a few others, are detailed for the Lonesome Pine outpost this morning. There are plenty of bombs there, I believe. We have arrived at the Lonesome Pine, after a lumbersome walk through narrow saps. The stench is something awful, dead men, Turks and Australians, lying buried and half buried in and about the trenches. The flies are very thick and troublesome. No wonder they can only keep men in here for a 48-hours shift."



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