20 October 1915

ANZAC- Private Ernest King, 19th Australian Battalion, 5th Brigade, 2nd Division - Private King noticed that the preparations for winter were beginning when he went back to the Anzac beach area on 20 October.

"I was down at Anzac Beach this morning where I haven’t been for some time. Everything seems altered since last I saw it. Great stacks of provisions are there for the winter. It put me in mind of some big industrial works. Mules carrying stuff and everybody busy running about, or toiling at something. On the way down I saw 4 Turks, a fatigue party, who were the first of the enemy I have seen alive. They, of course, were prisoners and were under armed guard, and were going to work with pick and shovel."

From the Internet site http://www.learningonline.com.au/topics/10/books/190/chapters/3248 (AWM-PR83/018_