08 July 1915

HELLES - Second Lieutenant Angus McCracken, 368th Battery, 147th Field Artillery Brigade, Royal Artillery, 29th Division - McCracken was acting as a forward observation officer for 368th Battery in the front line trenches on 8 July.

Photograph: Front line trenches of the 4th Royal Scots.

"Forward once more. Found Hants and Argyle and Sutherland (Terriers) alternating in trenches. Two of the Hants who came out with us on the Manitou are left. Spent the morning looking round. The poor fellows who were killed behind the sandbag barrier are still out there, the Turks have a machine gun trained on the spot. Had some fun shooting on groups of Turks in the nullah and did some good work too. Afterwards a naval machine gun was brought up and we had some good fun. Found Booth (26th) in trenches and had a chat with him. More Terriers came up today - Lancs Own. Registered machine gun, got two direct hits. Major Beckworth DSO is Officer Commanding the Hants, he was on the Manitou coming out. Saw Brigadier General Cayley, Worcesters) who has taken over 88th Brigade. A sniper has got the range to the corner of the nullah, just round from us. One had to run at first, but now they have a sandbag barrier and a curtain of blankets. The signallers are just making me a cup of tea using my kettle. Registered a machine gun in the evening, got two direct hits on it. Strong position, three or four layers of sandbags on top, and it seems to fire from ground level. Quiet evening again."

IWM DOCS: A. M.McCracken, Typescript account, pp.77-78