Exciting Opportunity for Museum Volunteers to become a Gallipoli “Champion”

Many regimental museums, within the UK, have displays on the Gallipoli campaign and often have artefacts or archives which are not on display to the public. The GA has an excellent track record of working with military museums in this country and abroad.

In 2019 the GA invited museums to identify one of their volunteers to become the nominated link with the association, a Gallipoli “Champion”. Two museums took up this opportunity, the Hereford Light infantry Museum and the Queen’s Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum. The two “Champions” have made a significant contribution to tours, to the GA and to the promotion of knowledge and understanding of the campaign at their respective museums.

We are repeating this scheme in 2023. A nominated “Champion” will become a member of the GA and then be expected to do research on the participation of individuals or units from their regiment. He/she will be asked to produce a short leaflet, on Gallipoli, for the Museum. It is envisaged that this can be done within the current lockdown regulations.

The GA will subsidise the volunteer to visit Gallipoli as part of one of the regular tours organised by the Association. He/she will be asked to contribute their knowledge to the tour, highlighting, when appropriate, the part played by the individual or unit. Whilst on the tour he/she will carry out further research – taking photographs etc. The cost of joining such a tour is approx. £1200, with the GA willing to pay £600.

Insurance and other such costs will be the responsibility of the volunteer. The volunteer is expected to pay for their membership of the GA.

On their return the volunteer will enhance the research they have already done adding to the leaflet and where possible to the display in their museum. The costs in doing this will be met by the Museum. The volunteer will also produce an article for the Association’s journal, the “Gallipolian”, with the help of the Education Co-ordinator if needed.

It is intended that, over the next few years, a number of volunteers will be supported and that, on their return, they will network.

Military Museums interested in identifying one of their volunteers to take part in this project should contact the Education Coordinator, Ian Binnie, via email on [email protected] for an application form.

Agreement with any museum will need the approval of the Trustees of the Gallipoli Association. Applications can only be made by museums on behalf of the volunteer.