Education Report Sep 2019

Education Coordinators Report September 2019.

The last few months have been very busy but, as always very enjoyable.


Students at Bristnall Hall

Teaching at Bristnall Hall Academy.

This was part of the Warwick project, involving the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum (and the Fusiliers Museum). I produced teaching material based on original documents and photographs provided by the Curator (a Gallipoli enthusiast). The students had to engage in historical detective work and make conclusions about the evidence I provided. The attitude of the students was excellent. Six volunteers were later involved in a Skype meeting with the Curator, which involved a virtual tour of the Museum. The six have also produced and audio clip which will be sent to Corryong College in Australia. The teacher said that he would use it when he is doing further work on the Australian Light Horse. Remember that their students produced a booklet about local men who served in the that regiment.

Inauguration of the memorial at the Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum.


Inauguration of the RHM memorial

This successful project is coming to an end.  The memorial, which is now an indoor one, was inaugurated on 20th July. The ceremony received local press coverage. At my behest they have also produced a small booklet which is available at the museum.

Commemorative event for Billy Unsworth 8/9.


The EC in action

GA members and representatives were invited to this event, held in a Turkish restaurant in Eccles, Manchester by a member, Graham Williams. He plans to produce a small booklet, Billy Unsworth, on a local man who was killed at Gallipoli. The event was meant to be the launch of the book. It came close to being cancelled as only the GA responded. It went ahead with family members and friends. I attended (with three of my family) and gave a talk on Lancashire and Gallipoli, which was well received the GA. I am meeting him on 19/10/19 to discuss how the production of the book might be expanded to a community project.

Warwick Gallipoli Commemoration 16/9.


The EC talks about the Yeomanry


The wreath laying

This was not one of the original projects but was approved at the July meeting. The day, which was badged as part of Heritage Week, involved the two museums (the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum and the Fusilier Museum) opening specially. They both produced roller banners and booklets on Gallipoli, funded by the GA. Both museums put on special displays on the campaign. I organised a wreath laying commemoration at the main church and gave two talks, one on each regiment. The Mayor of Warwick attended the wreath laying. Given that the event took place on a working day, it was a great success. Almost a hundred adults attended the three events. I spent a morning contacting the local media but, disappointingly non attended. Obviously, the museums will continue to display the roller banner and the booklets.

Launch of film and talk on 29 Division, 17/9.


The film launch

The premiere of the film was well attended. 60 people attended the showing and all the comments received were very positive. I gave a talk on the 29th Division in WW1 which was equally well received. The film is due to be shown at the Annual Conference. There is an underspend on this project, partly due to the because the Stretton Local History Society bore the costs of the premiere. The underspend will be used to work with local schools and uniformed groups on a project around the installation of the new information board and planting of new trees. Lucy Hawker, who is co-ordinating these two projects spoke at the film premiere. I have set up a meeting to coordinate the, small scale, 2020 commemoration on 19th November. As far as 2021 is concerned, the centenary, I have been quoted £10,000 to close the road. This makes the event a non-starter as far as I am concerned.

Birmingham Trench Day and Living History Event, 21/9 & 22/9.


A still from the film



This project has been challenging at times along but thanks to the hard work of two of the group (and me!) it has been a great success. There was a trench day after all and despite it being off and on and relegated to a subsidiary event, it was well attended.  About 60 people attended, including the Mayor of Solihull, and took part in tours of the trench and a range of activities. Some of these were specifically tailored for young people – my Gallipoli word search was particularly popular. The high point for me was the appearance of a gentleman who had come specifically to show me photos and documents of his father who had fought with the 9th Warwicks in the campaign. The team also had a Great War marquee at a Local Living History Event. The team had produced booklet on the two Warwick regiments in Gallipoli, which was well received by the adults. The following day was also a great success. We had a World War One tent at a local living history fair. Despite the variable weather the event attracted a large number of visitors. Well over a hundred visited the WW1 tent. Once again we were visited by a descendant of someone who served in the campaign and also by a distant relative of Slim.  The team had worked for weeks on producing an excellent display. The re-enactor, in a British Gallipoli uniform was very popular. Copies of a specially produced booklet were also given out. The feedback from visitors was very good. I also made useful contacts over the two days.

Visitors were asked to make comments in a book. Here are two:

“A lot of research and dedication has been put into the exhibition. It goes a small way to remembering our heroes and respecting what they have done for us. School children would love to hear these as it is in their curriculum. Well done and thank you.”

“Very impressive and informative exhibition. The guys really knew their stuff. I didn’t realise the Warwicks were there and how many Brits. I assumed it was an Aussie battle”.

Moseley History group


The draft of the booklet has been produced and will be launched after the commemorative service on 17/10. I have already put a display on Gallipoli in the venue for the launch and accompanying talks and displays. There has been a lot of interest expressed in both the service and the booklet. We will also have the excellent display on the Warwicks and Gallipoli.


Continuation of Rochdale Fusilier Project.


The Gallipoli display at the Living History Day

Further funds have been allocated to this from within the 2019 education budget. I am liaising with John Rodgers regarding a community project based on honouring the two youngest Rochdale Fusiliers to be killed in Gallipoli. It is likely to be in the form of a memorial bench.

Museum Champions talks at the Annual Conference, 28/9

Both Wayne Birch and Andy Taylor made presentations at the conference, which were well received. Wayne has produced and had published a leaflet on the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry and Gallipoli, which is available at his museum. Andy has been doing a lot of outreach to community groups from the Hereford Light Infantry Museum.

Brune Park School.

Members know that the tour was a great success. The students will attend the October AGM and make a presentation about their experiences. This in conjunction with a visit to the Imperial War Museum. The students have also started planning, with younger pupils, a war memorial in the grounds of the school. This is the final part of the project. To quote the teacher in charge, Tom Andrew,

“In 25 years of teaching it was the most enlightening and deeply joyful experience I have ever had … The impact on the students - all of them - has been profound … an unbelievable life affirming experience”.



A very popular Gallipoli quiz



There was only one bursary given in 2019. I plan to advertise the availability of these shortly.     


Northern Study Day.

This is fixed for Saturday March 14th 2020. This was to be at Fusilier Museum but despite accepting a provisional booking they have proved to be very unresponsive. The event will now be at Eccles Town Hall. We have three speakers lined up so far. Watch this space!


The Gallipoli trench at Kinghurst Academy

Proposed new projects for 2020.

The following projects have been approved by Trustees. Members requiring more information should contact the EC.

  • A small allocation for post graduate bursaries.
  • A community based theatre project in Leeds,
  • A schools project with the Soldiers of Gloucester Museum,
  • Community involvement in producing a booklet on Billy Unsworth,
  • An allocation for one Museum Champion
  • A schools project with the York Army Museum,
  • An education project based around the new Stretton information boards on the 29th Division March Past,
  • Further support for another trench day at Kingshurst Academy, including support for their History Club.

Ian Binnie, October 2019

GA Education Coordinator.