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The Gallipoli Association - Education Appeal.

“In 25 years of teaching it was the most enlightening and deeply joyful experience I have ever had … The impact on the students - all of them - has been profound … an unbelievable life affirming experience”. Teacher i/c Brune Park School tour, 2019.

The Gallipoli Association (GA) is committed to remembering and honouring those who served in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 through education.  A key part of our work is the delivery of educational tours to the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.  The value of such tours is significant and wide reaching - from generating an interest in history and an enthusiasm to study, developing an awareness of our heritage and the conflicts that have shaped it, to providing personal development and life enhancing opportunities which make pupils better prepared for life after school. 

The GA is seeking donations and sponsorship to deliver these unique educational opportunities.

Each 5-day tour includes preparatory work to identify and select the students who will attend.  This is conducted in partnership with a school chosen from the state sector and in a deprived catchment area.  Selected pupils will conduct study in advance of the trip and will be required to present their research during the trip and afterwards to various audiences. 

The total cost of the tour is c.£1,100 per student which includes all accommodation, food, flights, transport and fully qualified and certified guides and mentors.  Each student is required to make an individual contribution of 25% with the school matching this figure.  The Gallipoli Association covers the rest, and as a small charity is seeking support to provide this unique opportunity to those who would benefit most from it.

In 2019 the GA sponsored 15 Year 9 pupils from Brune Park School to take part in this unique learning experience. Their teacher is quoted above. The students said:

• It’s hard to describe as it’s something I’ve never actually felt or experienced before. It was a feeling of appreciation and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to know and feel and see what they experienced and how they sacrificed everything.
• The trenches we visited was a really overwhelming experience and was the first time I have probably really felt history coming to life 
• This trip really pushed me beyond my limits because I really had to be with people and gained more confidence as a result of it. 

For 2020 the partner school is the North Dulwich Academy, London.
If you are interested in learning more about this trip, the difference it makes and supporting us then please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you and.  All donations will be most grateful received and acknowledged.

Ian Binnie.
GA Education Co-ordinator.
Email: [email protected] or [email protected] or tel: 07976485828