OoB - Gallipoli Landings - April

(Note: only fighting troops embarked for the first landing are shown) 


Commander-in-Chief: Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton, GCB
Chief of the General Staff: Maj-Gen. W. P. Braithwaite, CB
Deputy Adjutant-General: Br-Gen. E. M. Woodward
Deputy Quartermaster-General: Br-Gen. S. H. Winter


29th Division
Major-General A. G. Hunter-Weston, CB

86th Brigade:
2/Royal Fusiliers
1/Lancashire Fusiliers
1/Royal Munster Fusiliers
1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers

87th Brigade:
2/South Wales Borderers
1/King's Own Scottish Borderers
1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
1/Border Regiment

88th Brigade:
4/Worcestershire Regiment
2/Hampshire Regiment
1/Essex Regiment
1/5th Royal Scots (TF)

XV Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery (B, L & Y Batteries)
XVII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (13th, 26th & 92nd Batteries)
CXLVII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (10th, 97th & 368th Batteries)
460th (Howitzer) Battery, Royal Field Artillery
4th (Highland) Mountain Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery (TF) (Argyllshire Battery and Ross & Cromarty Battery)
90th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
14th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
1/2nd London, 1/2nd Lowland & 1/1st W. Riding Field Companies, Royal Engineers (TF)
Divisional Cyclist Company


Royal Naval Division
Major-General A. Paris, CB

1st (Naval) Brigade:
Drake Battalion
Nelson Battalion
Deal Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry

2nd (Naval) Brigade:
Howe Battalion
Hood Battalion
Anson Battalion

3rd (RM) Brigade:
Chatham Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Portsmouth Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Plymouth Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Motor Maxim Squadron (Royal Naval Air Service)
1st & 2nd Field Companies, RN Divisional Engineers
Divisional Cyclist Company



G.O.C: Lieutenant-General Sir W. Birdwood, KCSI


Major-General W. T. Bridges, CMG

1st Australian Brigade:
1st (New South Wales) Battalion
2nd (New South Wales) Battalion
3rd (New South Wales) Battalion
4th (New South Wales) Battalion

2nd Australian Brigade:
5th (Victoria) Battalion
6th (Victoria) Battalion
7th (Victoria) Battalion
8th (Victoria) Battalion

3rd Australian Brigade:
9th (Queensland) Battalion
10th (South Australia) Battalion
11th (Western Australia) Battalion
12th (South & Western Australia and Tasmania) Battalion

I (New South Wales) Field Artillery Brigade (1st, 2nd & 3rd Batteries)
II (Victoria) Field Artillery Brigade (4th, 5th & 6th Batteries)
III (Queensland) Field Artillery Brigade (7th, 8th & 9th Batteries)
1st, 2nd & 3rd Field Companies, Engineers

Major-General Sir A. Godley, KCMG

New Zealand Brigade:
Auckland Battalion
Canterbury Battalion
Otago Battalion
Wellington Battalion

4th Australian Brigade
13th (New South Wales) Battalion
14th (Victoria) Battalion
15th (Queensland & Tasmania) Battalion
16th (South & Western Australia) Battalion

New Zealand Field Artillery Brigade (1st, 2nd & 3td Batteries)
New Zealand Field Howitzer Battery
Field Company, New Zealand Engineers

ANZAC Corps Troops
7th Indian Mountain Artillery Brigade (21st [Kohat] Battery and 26th [Jacob's] Battery)
Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps

Commander: General d'Amade

General Masnou

Metropolitan Brigade:
175th Regiment
Regiment de marche d'Afrique (2 Battalions Zouaves, 1 Battalion Foreign Legion)

Colonial Brigade:
4th Colonial Regiment (2 Battalions Senegalese, 1 Battalion Colonial)
6th Colonial Regiment (2 Battalions Senegalese, 1 Battalion Colonial)

6 Batteries of artillery (75-mm.)
2 Batteries of artillery (65-mm.)

SOURCE: Official History of the Great War, Military Operations Gallipoli, Vol. I, Appendix 2

Ottoman Order of Battle, The Landings, 25 April 1915

(Source: Edward J Erickson's Appendix B  of his 'Gallipoli-The Ottoman Campaign'

ISBN 978 1 84415 967 3)



Commander: Marshal Otto Liman von Sanders

Chief of Staff: Lt Col Kazim

Chief of Operations: Capt Mümtaz

Chief of Administration: Maj H. Hüsnü

Aide-de-Camp: Lt Ekrem Rüştü


Commander: Brig Esat Pasha

Chief of Staff: Lt Col Fahrettin

Chief of Operations: Maj Ohrili Kemal

Chief of Engineers: Maj Ziya

Staff Officer: Capt Burhatettin

Aide-de-Camp: Lt Baki

7th Division

Commander: Col Ahmet Remzi

Chief of Staff: Maj Sükrü Naili

19th Regiment: Lt Col Sabri

20th Regiment: Maj Halit

21st Regiment: Lt Col Halil

7th Artillery Regiment: Lt Col Salih Ulvi

9th Division

Commander: Col Halil Sami

Chief of Staff: Maj Hulusi

25th Regiment: Lt Col Irfan

26th Regiment: Lt Col Hafiz Kadri

3/26th: Maj Mahmut Sabri

27th Regiment: Lt Col Mehmet Şefik

1/27th: Capt Malatyah Ibrahim

2/27th: Maj Ismet

3/27th: Capt Halis

9th Artillery Regiment: Lt Col Mehmet Ali

Bursa Battalion (jandarma) : Maj Tahsin


19th Division

Commander:  Lt Col Mustafa Kemal

Chief of Staff: Maj Izettin

57th Regiment: Maj Avni

1/57th: Capt Ahmet Zeki

2/57th: Capt Ata

3/57th: Capt Hayri

72nd Regiment: Maj Mehmet Münir

77th Regiment: Capt Saip

39th Artillery Regiment: Maj Halil Kemal



Commander: Col E. P. Weber

Chief of Staff: Maj Perrinet v. Thauvenay

Chief of Operations: Capt Nihat


3rd Division

Commander: Col Nicolai

Chief of Staff: Capt Suphi

31st Regiment: Lt Col Ismail Hakki

32nd Regiment: Lt Col Hasan Basri

39th Regiment: Lt Col H Nurettin

3rd Artillery Regiment: Lt Col Binhold

11th Division

Commander: Col Refet

Chief of Staff: Maj Ali Fehmi

33rd Regiment: Lt Col Şevki

128th Regiment: Lt Col Mustafa Şevki

127th Regiment: Lt Col Hasan Lüftü

11th Artillery Regiment: Maj Emin


Assigned to FIFTH ARMY (Saros Bay)

5th Division

Commander: Col Hasan Basri

Chief of Staff Maj Mehmet Arif

13th Regiment: Lt Col Ali Reza

14th Regiment: Lt Col Ali Rifat

15th Regiment: Maj Ibrahim Şükrü

5th Artillery Regiment: Lt Col Reza


Independent Cavalry Brigade: Lt Col Hamdi

7th Cavalry Regiment: Maj Avni

13th Cavalry Regiment: Maj Sami Sabit

Ottoman Order of Battle, Ariburnu Attack, 27 April 1915

19th Division

Commander: Lt Col Mustafa Kemal

Chief of Staff: Maj Izzettin

27th Regiment: Lt Col Mehmey Şefik

33rd Regiment: Lt Col Ahmet Şevik

57th Regiment: Maj Avni

64th Regiment: Maj Servet

72nd Regiment: Maj Mehmet Münir

77th Regiment: Capt Saip

39th Regiment: Maj Halil Kemal



Order of Battle, First Battle of Krithia, 28 April 1915


9th Division

Commander: Col Halil Sami

Chief of Staff: Maj Hulusi

25th Regiment: Lt Col Irfan

26th Regiment: Lt Col Hafiz Kadri

19th Regiment: Lt Col Alman Sabri (7th Div)

20th Regiment: Maj Halit (7th Div)

9th Artillery Regiment: Lt Col Mehmet Ali

Bursa Battalion (jandarma): Maj Tahsin