23 June 1915

HELLES - Captain John Gillam, Army Service Corps, 29th Divisional Supply Train - Gillam had a quiet day on 23 June.

"10.30am. Turks very quiet. French 75s now and again firing. Very hot, fine day. Rode last night to Gully Beach with Carver, round by road on cliffs on W coast. Beautiful moonlight night. Wagons trekking up and down, and now and again a sentry challenges with his bayonet pointed to the breasts of our horses, which we rein in, at the same time shouting, "Friend!" Answered by, " Pass, friend; all's well!" I should like to feel that it really was 'all well'. Enemy aircraft brought down yesterday, falling in Turkish lines. French losses in recent battle, 2,000. To-night I ride again with Carver to Gully Beach, which is now the home of the 29th Division HQ. The steep cliffs on either side of the gully are honeycombed with dugouts, each with a little light shining, and in the declining light, with the moon hanging overhead, shining on the sea, it is a very beautiful sight. We had a topping ride back along the road on the edge of the cliff overlooking the calm sea, lit up by silver moonlight. We could see quite plainly enough to canter, and cantering by moonlight in such beautiful surroundings is a unique pleasure."

J. Gillam, Gallipoli Diary, (Stevenage, The Strong Oak Press, 1989), pp.141-142