Volunteer Position - Education Coordinator

Ian Binnie, after 6 amazing years as education coordinator, has decided to step down.

Would you like to be our next education coordinator, following in the footsteps of Ian?   The Trustees are looking for an individual who is passionate about education, providing opportunities to others and furthering the objects of the GA.  The new Education Coordination will have the ability to present their own education agenda and programme to the Trustees and build on Ian’s work raising the profile of the Gallipoli Association.  

What is the role, its main tasks and the attributes that we are looking for?


Responsible to: Committee through the Chairman.

Role: The Gallipoli Association’s primary charitable objective is to advance education for the public benefit by raising public awareness of the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 and by encouraging and facilitating the study in the legacy and lessons of that Campaign.  The Education Coordinator is the primary point of contact for all education matters responsible to the Trustees for coordinating the various education strands and promoting the continued study of the campaign to all sections of the public.

Main Tasks:

  • Be the Education primary point of contact for the Association.
  • Develop and deliver a coherent and cost effective rolling 3-year Education Plan that reaches all sections of the public.
  • Submit the Education Plan for annual approval by the Trustees.
  • Bid to the Trustees on an annual basis for funds to deliver the Education Plan.
  • Provide the Board of Trustees with quarterly updates and an annual report on the Education Plan.
  • Working with the Trustees and officials of the Association making use of the Journal, e-newsletter, website, social media and other media outlets to promote the Education Plan, and its achievements, to the membership and other interested stakeholders.

Skills and attributes required:

  • A good knowledge of the Gallipoli Campaign and an affinity with the charitable objectives of the Association.
  • An understanding of and passion for working with the education sector.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Able to work collaboratively within small groups (Trustees, Teachers, Museums Staff and pupils). Accepts compromise, retains flexibility and supports the decisions of the group.
  • Experience of using social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Excellent IT skills.
  • Confident, imaginative, enthusiastic and well organised.

If you are interested and ould like to find out more, please contact James Stopford - [email protected]