New Lemnos documentary to premiere at prime-time on Australian TV this Anzac Day

‘A rest on their way to the Rest Camp – as they arrived from the Peninsula. They were ready for a rest.’ (Photo: Albert William Savage, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, PXE 698)

A new film about Lemnos and its role in the Gallipoli Campaign premieres on Australian TV at prime-time on Anzac Day, 25 April 2024.

The one-hour documentary, titled Anzac. Lemnos. 1915., features rare archival photographs and fascinating first-hand accounts, supported by contemporary views of the island and expert commentary.

  • Hear from historians Dr Rebecca Fleming, Professor Peter Stanley, Dr John Yiannakis and John Perryman.
  • There are valuable perspectives from Sue Tongue, granddaughter of Australian army nurse Sister Nell Pike, and members of the Sikh and Greek communities.
  • His Excellency General David Hurley, Governor-General of Australia, speaks on the Lemnos Remembrance Trail, a project of historical significance currently being undertaken by the governments of Greece and Australia.
Sue Tongue (right), granddaughter of Sister Nell Pike, Australian Army Nursing Service, who served on Lemnos.

The documentary has been produced by Fork Films.

  • Director Pria Viswalingam is an Australian documentary and film maker, who has also anchored TV news and current affairs programmes. Pria is best known for the travelogue series, A Fork in the Road, including A Fork in the Mediterranean.
  • Producer Elizabeth Kaydos has been producing stories for global broadcast for over 20 years and is an Australian of Lemnian heritage.

Anzac. Lemnos. 1915. premieres on SBS at 7:30pm on 25 April 2024.

It can then be seen on SBS On Demand.

Turks Head on Mudros Harbour, where many of the hospitals on Lemnos were located.

“No Lemnos, no Gallipoli”

Many Australians know of Gallipoli. Few know of Lemnos. Lemnos is the Greek island in the Aegean Sea which served as the base for the Allied campaign against the Ottoman Empire.

For the first time, with rare photo archives and compelling personal accounts, this unique documentary explores a little-known setting during Australia’s first war that was crucial in the shaping of Australia’s modern identity, with fascinating new themes.

  • Pioneering medicine in war
  • First Australian women in conflict zones
  • Multicultural mateship at the frontline
  • Cognac and curry on Lemnos
  • The foundation of contemporary Greek-Australian relations

Just 100 kms from Anzac Cove, this rustic Greek island’s contribution to the Dardanelles campaign was critical.

As Royal Australian Navy historian, John Perryman says, “No Lemnos, no Gallipoli.”