Gallipoli Association Museum Offer

Many GA members have connections with the U.K.’s military museums. Many of these have collections of artefacts, documents and photographs relating to the campaign.

Over recent years I have worked with the Soldiers of Gloucester Museum, the Fusilier Museum Warwick, the Museum of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, the Royal Lancers and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum, the Mercan Regiment Museum, the Herefordshire Light Infantry Museum, the Chelmsford City Museum, the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum and York Army Museum.

I have a budget for projects in 2024. I am fully aware of the demands on museums, both in demands of time and finance. I have worked for three years as a volunteer at a military museum myself. I am offering my services, which are free, to any interested museums, to develop mutually agreed projects.

In the past I have worked with museum staff and volunteers on

  1. The production of booklets, and/or roller banners, produced by small groups of volunteers,
  2. Commemorative events - sometimes at the museum or in nearby, local churches,
  3. Talks by myself on Gallipoli with an emphasis on a particular regiment,
  4. Activity days for local school children.

Remember that next year, 2025, is the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign. Many museums, with a Gallipoli collection, will want to do something special.

I would be most interested to hear from any museum staff or members with links to museums. They can email me on [email protected].

The Gallipoli-themed trench day at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum 2023


Ian Binnie,
Trustee and Education Co-ordinator, Gallipoli Association