29th Division poem - Krithia

A poem written by two Year 6 Knightlow Primary School pupils will be featured on a new interpretation board for the 29th Division Monument on the A45 at Stretton on Dunsmore.

The poem was one of a number written by pupils after a workshop with Ian Binnie, Gallipoli Association Education Co-ordinator, in which they learnt about the 29th Division and their time billeted to the local area and fighting on the Gallipoli peninsula. All those pupils who wrote poems will receive prizes at a special school assembly.

The interpretation board is part of a wider project that will see resurfacing around the 29th Division Monument and restoration work to the Lime Memorial Avenue as part of the Dunsmore Living Landscape Scheme.

Ian Binnie said “The poems were of a really high standard and it was very difficult to choose just one of them. The poem chosen, by Jessica Scuffle and Sophie Gambling, was entitled Krithia, one of the major battles of the campaign.”

Lucy Hawker, Dunsmore Living Landscape Scheme Manager, said “This has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn more about why the monument, the only one in the UK for the entire 29th Division, was built in this location and to pay tribute to the soldiers’ bravery.”

All of the pupils’ poems can be read online at www.exploredunsmore.org/projects/pupils-poetry-for-the-29th-division.

Photo opportunity: All those pupils who wrote poems will receive prizes at a special assembly at 2.30pm on 28th February at Knightlow Primary School, Stretton on Dunsmore

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