NEW Gallipoli Association Website

Welcome to the NEW Gallipoli Association website which went 'live' on 9 February 2016, incidentally 101 years to the day that the British War Council agreed to send troops to support the Naval operation in the Dardanelles. 

So why a new website?

The old site was designed in 2010 when the focus of the Association was less well defined, and this showed in the website. As the Association grew and changed so did the site, but it became difficult to manage, let alone navigate. We sought feedback from members, public and web designers who helped us identify what we wanted out of a new website and thus path the way to a new design, look and feel.

To support our strategy and charitable objectives, the website needed to promote the work of the Gallipoli Association and advance education for the public benefit.  This can be achieved by raising public awareness of the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 and encouraging and facilitating the study in the legacy and lessons of that Campaign. By keeping alive the memory of the Campaign, we ensure that all who fought or served in it, and those who gave their lives, are not forgotten.

The key objectives for this website are:

  • engaging the viewer from the outset
  • indicating visually what the site is about
  • presenting well-chosen headline options and signposts to further content
  • content that is organised, thus making it easier to locate and promote key features

Hopefully we have achieved this.

The key features of the new website are:

  • Campaign - the history of the Dardanelles/Gallipoli campaign
  • Education - our key objective with links to the Gallipoli Centenary Education Project
  • Events - a list of key Gallipoli related events around the world
  • News - latest 'Gallipoli' news
  • The Association - All about us and the good work we do

We are always interested to hear your feedback and ideas, so please let us know what you think.

Stephen Chambers

Historian & Webmaster