About Gallipoli

This section explores some of the educational issues around the campaign so you can start discussing these with your pupils. See our Getting started section for teaching approaches. If you are looking for the definitive history of Gallipoli, our Useful Links page has some of the best historical sites, as well as further educational resources.

  • The Campaign

    This section picks up questions for discussion with your students, rather than providing an outline of the Campaign.  You can find historical outlines on our Useful links page, and the useful ‘On this day’ account of the Campaign can be found here. However a good starting point is this excellent 7 minute video introduction to the Gallipoli Campa...

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  • The World at War

    ‘At Gallipoli the Great War became a World War’.  Soldiers came from every continent to fight there, as you can see from this map (click on it for a larger version). Today, every country looks back and sees a different story: here are some different attitudes to Gallipoli. Here, historian Sir Hew Strachan describes how the Gallipoli Campaign op...

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  • Soldier Stories

    Behind the strategy and the tactics are thousands of stories of real people, and for every one of them it was a different experience. This section looks at Gallipoli from a more personal angle. 

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  • After the War

    What did the soldiers do when they got back home? We tend to think of soldiers who came back from the war as victims.  Historian Martin Purdy disagrees.  The experiences they had been through made them want to improve the world, setting up the health service, building democratic rights and much more. Martin Purdy talks about how the returning so...

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  • Gallipoli Today

    The Gallipoli Peninsula is in a beautiful part of the world, beside the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea, as you can see in the film from the BBC, viewed from a drone. Additrional video footage is provided by the Gallipoli Association.  It’s hard to imagine that a century ago it was a scene of violence, pain and horror, with thousands of men...

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